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Beyond Terra. What comes next.

Human nature is to explore. The next chapters in our history are going to bring us further and further into space. We need to begin to open our eyes, look beyond the planet Earth, and embrace the future.

What is Beyond Terra?

Beyond Terra is founded with the purpose of advancing space exploration. The two main goals of Beyond Terra are a) to get ordinary people not only excited about space exploration, but also involved with it, and b) to increase investment into space-related ventures by private industry.

The first initiative of Beyond Terra is to sponsor a series of feasible, worthwhile and efficient projects intent on putting unmanned vehicles into space. Beyond Terra will facilitate the projects' execution by uniting the project's needs with resources, such as seeking funding, or harvesting volunteers. For more information on these projects, read projects.

In the spirit of the open-software movement, all specifications, designs, software and other details of our projects will be released to the public under the GPL. We hope this will foster new interest and collaboration in reaching and exploring space.

If you would like to volunteer to work on a project, read contact for more information on joining us.

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